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Expanding Process
Expanding Process (November 2008)
Exploring Philosophical and Theological Transformations in China and the West
John H. Berthrong - Author

Brings Chinese Daoist and Confucian thought into conversation with Western process, pragmatic, and naturalist philosophy and theology.

Expanding Process explores how comparative philosophy expands our understanding of the critical themes of process, change, and transformation. John H. Berthrong examines how notions of process manifest and shape the classical Confucianism of Xunzi, the early medieval Daosim...(Read More)
Concerning Creativity
Concerning Creativity (October 1998)
A Comparison of Chu Hsi, Whitehead, and Neville
John H. Berthrong - Author

A cross-cultural comparsion of creativity that introduces Neo-Confucian discourse as a sophisticated dialogue partner with modern western speculative philosophy and theology.

This work examines the philosophies and theologies of three thinkers--Chu Hsi, Alfred North Whitehead, and Robert C. Neville--separated by time, space, and culture. In so doing John H. Berthrong provides a suggestive and successful comparison of creativity as a cr...(Read More)
All Under Heaven
All Under Heaven (April 1994)
Transforming Paradigms in Confucian-Christian Dialogue
John H. Berthrong - Author

This book is a study of comparative philosophy and theology. The themes are the critical issues arising from the modern interpretation of Confucian doctrine as they confront the Christian beliefs of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

“It is a fascinating and important contribution to Neo-Confucian studies and to the dialogue of Confucianism with Christian theology. The attention to the religious aspects of Confuci...(Read More)
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