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Religious Naturalism Today
Religious Naturalism Today (December 2008)
The Rebirth of a Forgotten Alternative
Jerome A. Stone - Author

Looks at the history and revival of religious naturalism, a spiritual path without a supreme being.

Previously a forgotten option in religious thinking, religious naturalism is coming back. It seeks to explore and encourage religious ways of responding to the world on a completely naturalistic basis without a supreme being or ground of being. In this book, Jerome A. Stone traces its history and analyzes some of the ...(Read More)
The Minimalist Vision of Transcendence
The Minimalist Vision of Transcendence (November 1992)
A Naturalist Philosophy of Religion
Jerome A. Stone - Author

"Stone has given us a new articulation and defense of a version of religious naturalism which I regard as entirely viable. He is careful to show the historical antecedents of this position (chiefly in James and Whitehead and Wieman and Meland), skillfully correcting their problematic aspects, and helpfully comparing them with their Continental counterparts.

"In what is probably the finest chapter of all, Stone calls attention to the leading ...(Read More)
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