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The Practice of School Reform
The Practice of School Reform (October 2009)
Lessons from Two Centuries
James Nehring - Author
Larry Cuban - Foreword by

Provides practical advice for educators struggling for change.

Former high school teacher, school leader, activist, consultant, and now professor of education James Nehring combines vivid case studies with practical suggestions to describe how the system works to thwart good schools and what educators can do to improve them. In this book he paints the big picture of school reform in the United States, deftly distil...(Read More)
The School within Us
The School within Us (February 1998)
The Creation of an Innovative Public School
James Nehring - Author

The inspirational story of a group of teachers, parents, and students who face and overcome many challenges in their struggle to create a very unconventional school within a school.

"I believe the topic is the most important and significant topic today--how to go about rethinking our high schools. Rather than get caught up in theoretical discussions of this or that 'modernism,' Nehring talks about real kids, real parents...(Read More)
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