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Information Technologies and Global Politics
Information Technologies and Global Politics (January 2002)
The Changing Scope of Power and Governance
James N. Rosenau - Editor
J. P. Singh - Editor

Examines how information technologies may be shifting power and authority away from the state.

Returning to the fundamentals of political science, namely power and governance, this book studies the relationship between information technologies and global politics. Key issue-areas are carefully examined: security (including information warfare and terrorism); global consumption and production; international telecommunica...(Read More)
Leapfrogging Development?
Leapfrogging Development? (August 1999)
The Political Economy of Telecommunications Restructuring
J. P. Singh - Author

Examines how developing countries have restructured their telecommunications in order to "leapfrog" or accelerate development.

Telecommunications restructurings are now seen as important barometers in the shift among developing countries toward market-based economies. They are often posited as helping developing countries "leapfrog," or accelerate their pace of development, and "connect" with the world economy. This book shows t...(Read More)
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