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Embodied Shame
Embodied Shame (August 2009)
Uncovering Female Shame in Contemporary Women's Writings
J. Brooks Bouson - Author

Examines how twentieth-century women writers depict female bodily shame and trauma.

How does physical, emotional, and sexual abuse shape women’s perceptions of their bodies and identities? How are women’s psyches affected by the sexual, racial, and cultural denigration that occurs when women’s bodies are represented as defective, spoiled, damaged, or dirtied? Embodied Shame skillfully e...(Read More)
Jamaica Kincaid
Jamaica Kincaid (July 2005)
Writing Memory, Writing Back to the Mother
J. Brooks Bouson - Author

Offers a new perspective on the psychological and affective dynamics of Jamaica Kincaid’s fiction and nonfiction.

“I’ve never written about anyone except myself and my mother. I’m just one of those pathetic people for whom writing is therapy.” — Jamaica Kincaid

Haunted by the memories of her powerfully destructive mother, Jamaica Kincaid is a writer out o...(Read More)
Quiet As It's Kept
Quiet As It's Kept (December 1999)
Shame, Trauma, and Race in the Novels of Toni Morrison
J. Brooks Bouson - Author

Focuses on the role of shame and trauma as it looks at issues of race, class, color, and caste in the novels of Toni Morrison.

Quiet As It's Kept
draws on and extends recent psychoanalytic and psychiatric work of shame and trauma theorists to offer an in-depth analysis of Toni Morrison's representation of painful and shameful race matters in her fiction. Providing a frank and sustained look at the troubling, if not distressing, ...(Read More)
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