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Depression and Narrative
Depression and Narrative (October 2008)
Telling the Dark
Hilary Clark - Edited, introduction, and notes

How the story of depression gets told in print, on screen, and online.

Depression and Narrative examines stories of depression in the context of recent scholarship on illness and narrative, which up to this point has largely focused on physical illness and disability. Contributors from a number of disciplinary perspectives address these narrative accounts of depression, by both sufferers and those who tre...(Read More)
Scenes of Shame
Scenes of Shame (October 1998)
Psychoanalysis, Shame, and Writing
Joseph Adamson - Editor
Hilary Clark - Editor

Explores the role of shame as an important affect in the complex psychodynamics of literary and philosophical works.

The significance of shame as a critical human emotion has come to be recognized in the fields of psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, and psychology. Scenes of Shame brings this body of theory to bear on literary and philosophical representations of shame. The contributors explore the role of shame as an ...(Read More)
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