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Love, Rōshi
Love, Rōshi (October 2012)
Robert Baker Aitken and His Distant Correspondents
Helen J. Baroni - Author

Robert Baker Aitken’s correspondence with Buddhist sympathizers and solo practitioners reveals a significant, little-understood aspect of American Buddhism.

Love, Rōshi explores the relationship between Robert Baker Aitken (1917–2010), American Zen teacher and author, and his distant correspondents, individuals drawn to Zen teachings and practice through books. Aitken, founder of the Ho...(Read More)
Iron Eyes
Iron Eyes (October 2006)
The Life and Teachings of Obaku Zen Master Tetsugen Doko
Helen J. Baroni - Author

Looks at the contributions of a major figure in Buddhism and provides translations of his writings.

Iron Eyes focuses on the Japanese Zen master Tetsugen Doko (1630–1682), the best-known exponent of Ōbaku in Japan and the West. Ōbaku Zen arose during the seventeenth century and became the third major Zen sect in Japan. Ōbaku monks encouraged the laity to deepen their knowledge of and...(Read More)
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