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Confronting Evil
Confronting Evil (April 2004)
Two Journeys
Fred Emil Katz - Author

Using insights from behavioral science, a Holocaust survivor explores how evil actions can seem "moral" to the perpetrators and how we must alter our thinking to prevent this.

Confronting Evil describes Fred Emil Katz's two journeys in response to surviving the Holocaust. One journey is that of a survivor who tries to come to terms with his own survival, and who must cope with survival guilt as well as t...(Read More)
Ordinary People and Extraordinary Evil
Ordinary People and Extraordinary Evil (July 1993)
A Report on the Beguilings of Evil
Fred Emil Katz - Author

"A worthy contribution to Holocaust literature: superb, dispassionate analysis of the roots of evil, perpetrated most often in lockstep with the culture that encourages and reinforces it." — Kirkus Discoveries

"The most interesting part of this book for me as a student of the Holocaust is the use of sociological categories to interpret the actions of the perpetrators and to a lesser extent the bystanders a...(Read More)
Structuralism in Sociology
Structuralism in Sociology (June 1976)
An Approach to Knowledge
Fred Emil Katz - Author

Presents original concepts concerning the sociology of role theory, knowledge, and structuralism; organizes certain other concepts in a new and fruitful way; and introduces perspectives (e.g., indeterminacy, autonomy) in an illuminating manner. Apt illustrations, diagrams, and elaborate comments are presented on each theory.

“Particularly useful for advanced undergraduates in sociology.” — CHOICE<...(Read More)
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