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The Promise of Democracy
The Promise of Democracy (November 2009)
Political Agency and Transformation
Fred Dallmayr - Author

Presentation of a new, ethical vision of democracy built around self-rule, civic education, and ethical cultivation.

A new ethical concept of democracy as the cultivation and practice of civic virtues in a pluralistic setting is presented in this thoughtful and wide-ranging study. Drawing upon such figures as Aristotle, Montesquieu, Hegel, Dewey, Heidegger, Arendt, and Lefort, Fred Dallmayr emphasizes the need for c...(Read More)
Beyond Orientalism
Beyond Orientalism (December 1996)
Essays on Cross-Cultural Encounter
Fred Dallmayr - Author

Explores some steps toward non-assimilative encounters in the "global village."

Beyond Orientalism explores the confluence of contemporary Western (especially Continental) philosophy, with its focus on otherness and difference, and the ongoing process of globalization or the emergence of the "global village." The basic question raised in the book is: What will be the prevailing life-form or discourse of the global...(Read More)
Margins of Political Discourse
Margins of Political Discourse (July 1989)
Fred Dallmayr - Author

"Margins of political discourse" are those border zones where paradigms intersect and where issues of order and disorder, meaning and non-meaning must be continually renegotiated.

Our age is marked by multiple dislocations, by political as well as philosophical paradigm shifts. Politically, a Europe-centered world order has given way to a decentered arena of global power struggles. Philosophically, traditional metaphysics -- itself ...(Read More)
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