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Schoolhousing (December 1993)
Planning and Designing Educational Facilities
Flora Ida Ortiz - Author

"I was pleasantly surprised, even impressed, by the conceptual foundations and scholarly approach exhibited by this book. The author links the policy model of Kaufman to school facilities planning in a very effective way. The discussion of, and findings for, the discrete and interactive aspects of the planning process can be very helpful to educators and other professionals who are involved in facilities planning." --Cecil Miskel, University of...(Read More)
Work Orientation and Job Performance
Work Orientation and Job Performance (November 1987)
The Cultural Basis of Teaching Rewards and Incentives
Douglas E. Mitchell - Editor
Flora Ida Ortiz - Editor
Tedi K. Mitchell - Editor

With critical attention focused on education, and the teaching profession itself under close scrutiny by federal, state, and local officials and governing boards, a heightened sense of the need to attract and retain good teachers has surfaced as a national priority.

Based on data collected on elementary school teachers, principals, and central office administrators in a large unified school district, the authors draw upon cul...(Read More)
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