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The Reality of Time
The Reality of Time (December 1988)
Errol E. Harris - Author

"This is a substantial and well-written essay on a key topic in metaphysics, by a distinguished and seasoned metaphysician who is also a master of the scientific literature of recent decades. The writing is vigorous, concise, and clear, and the examples are aptly chosen and lucidly formulated. It is a book of unique distinction." -- George L. Kline, Milton C. Nahm Professor of Philosophy, Bryn Mawr College

"It is a beautiful piece of deep p...(Read More)
Formal, Transcendental, and Dialectical Thinking
Formal, Transcendental, and Dialectical Thinking (July 1987)
Logic and Reality
Errol E. Harris - Author

"Harris has written two or three really distinguished, perhaps great, books up to now; this is his best." -- James M. Edie

"Like Hegel's, Harris' reading is evolutionary, though Harris has the advantage, and takes it, of the latest science."
-- Robert Cummings Neville

This is a critical examination of the three types of logic advocated by current philosophical schools. Harris shows that certain basic presuppositions underlying the...(Read More)
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