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Religion and the Muse
Religion and the Muse (August 2007)
The Vexed Relation between Religion and Western Literature
Ernest H. Rubinstein - Author

Looks at the relationship between religion and literature and how both have appealed to the Western spiritual sensibility.

Ever since Plato banished poets from his ideal state, Western religion and literature have been in tension. Through close readings of selected texts, Religion and the Muse explores the alternately complementary and conflictual ways that religion and literature have appealed to the W...(Read More)
An Episode of Jewish Romanticism
An Episode of Jewish Romanticism (September 1999)
Franz Rosenzweig's The Star of Redemption
Ernest H. Rubinstein - Author

Assesses the impact of romanticism on the thought of Jewish philosopher Franz Rosenzweig.

Examining romanticism in the thought of Jewish philosopher, Franz Rosenzweig, this book compares his magnum opus, The Star of Redemption, with Leo Baeck's essay, "Romantic Religion," and Friedrich Schelling's Philosophy of Art, texts representing two distinct and, to a large extent, opposed interpretations of romanti...(Read More)
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