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Set - History of al-Tabari
Set - History of al-Tabari (June 2007)
Volumes 1-40 (Includes Index)
Ehsan Yarshater - Editor

Collecting all forty volumes of The History of al-Ṭabarī.
Completed in 1999 by a distinguished group of Arabists and historians of Islam, the annotated translation of The History of al-Ṭabarī is arguably the most celebrated chronicle produced in the Islamic lands on the history of the world and the early centuries of Islam. The thirty-nine-volume set, published in the SUNY series in Near Eastern Studies, under t...(Read More)
Persian Literature
Persian Literature (April 1988)
Ehsan Yarshater - Author

In this unique survey, twenty-one scholars examine Persian imaginative literature, bringing out its historical development through discussions of genres and styles. Ehsan Yarshater's introductory essay places the various phases of Iran's literatures in perspective. It also expands on some areas of interest touched upon in the ensuing chapters, notably Old and Middle Persian literature. In a second essay, Yarshater explains the progression of the cla...(Read More)
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