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Postcards Dropped in Flight
Postcards Dropped in Flight (August 2010)
In Praise of Avian Companions
Edward F. Mooney - Author

To catch thought upon the wing

catch postcards dropped in flight.

And attend the feathered messengers.

Even Plato knew the soul as rampant aviary.

He imagines he’ll float upward at this death like a

wild swan eluding all who wish to corner him

in any cage of proof or finish...(Read More)
Knights of Faith and Resignation
Knights of Faith and Resignation (July 1991)
Reading Kierkegaard's Fear and Trembling
Edward F. Mooney - Author

"Apart from the excellent style and clarity of exposition, what I like best about this book is the remarkable success with which the author probes a classically problematic text, and not only brings it into clear relation with Kierkegaard's other principal texts, but also relates its themes to those of current work in moral philosophy. The book evinces an impressive command of the relevant literature, both specifically Kierkegaardian and that perta...(Read More)
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