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Family Violence
Family Violence (January 2009)
Communication Processes
Dudley D. Cahn - Editor

Contributors engage the communication issues associated with violence in families, including interspousal violence and violent parents and children.

Although the United States has a high level of affluence and education compared to much of the rest of the world, neither wealth nor schooling ensures personal safety, particularly within the family and home. Every ten seconds, a child is beaten, neglected, or molested...(Read More)
Letting Go
Letting Go (July 1987)
A Practical Theory of Relationship Disengagement and Re-engagement
Dudley D. Cahn - Author

While many books in the popular press deal with relationships, Letting Go is among the first to draw upon scholarly research to offer a theoretical perspective with practical implications. Cahn examines interpersonal relationship disengagement and reengagement by tapping the resources of social science literature. The result is a model for communication which seeks to achieve and maintain interpersonal understanding, while promoting communication ...(Read More)
Communication in Interpersonal Relationships
Communication in Interpersonal Relationships (June 1984)
Donald P. Cushman - Editor
Dudley D. Cahn - Editor

This book discusses communication principles, processes, and skills from four different perspectives by explaining four related propositions. First, human communication is guided by socially established rules, the knowledge of which allows interacting persons to exert influence over the outcome of their interactions. Second, self concepts are formed and sustained in our interactions with others. Third, the formation of sustained interpersonal rel...(Read More)
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