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Evolutionary Ethics
Evolutionary Ethics (August 1993)
Matthew H. Nitecki - Editor
Doris V. Nitecki - Editor

This volume analyzes the biological and philosophical disagreements in evolutionary ethics and points out difficulties with the interpretations.

The book is divided into four sections. The first is an historical introduction to the origin of evolutionary ethics, showing how different evolutionary ethics was a hundred years ago, and how distant Huxley is from most of us now. The second section argues for a sociobiological interpretation of e...(Read More)
History and Evolution
History and Evolution (July 1992)
Matthew H. Nitecki - Editor
Doris V. Nitecki - Editor

The studies of evolutionary biology and of human history face the same kinds of problems and deal with the same processes. Both disciplines deal with similar questions in similar ways, but do the methods used produce comparable knowledge, and are the differences and similarities between these disciplines real?

This book examines the philosophy of historical and evolutionary studies; the objectivity and meanings of human and evolutionary hist...(Read More)
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