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Triple Takes on Curricular Worlds
Triple Takes on Curricular Worlds (July 2006)
Mary Aswell Doll - Author
Delese Wear - Author
Martha L. Whitaker - Author

Three women educators from three different academic disciplines write their “takes” on a range of topics not usually found in curriculum studies.

Triple Takes on Curricular Worlds is a groundbreaking exploration of curriculum studies that offers a new understanding of the “selves” educators bring to work. Three educators from three different disciplines write on issues not usually fo...(Read More)
Women in Medical Education
Women in Medical Education (October 1996)
An Anthology of Experience
Delese Wear - Editor
Francis K. Conley - Foreword by

An anthology of personal narratives reflecting the issues confronting women in the medical academy today, including sexual harassment, equity issues, and maternity leave policies.

"This anthology of experience provides a historical reference point at a pivotal time for medicine in the United States. The common concern, articulated by all, is that a cultural shift must occur, a rigid structure become moldable or broken, o...(Read More)
Literary Anatomies
Literary Anatomies (July 1994)
Women's Bodies and Health in Literature
Delese Wear - Author
Lois LaCivita Nixon - Author

This book shows how imaginative literature brings women's medical experiences back to lived moments in living bodies, where readers can, perhaps, better understand what it feels like to be someone else. The authors provide four sections that discuss birth, abortion, miscarriage, and fertility; breast cancer; middle age, menopause, and hysterectomy; and aging. While the focus is on twentieth-century North American women, a particular emphasis is pl...(Read More)
The Center of the Web
The Center of the Web (August 1993)
Women and Solitude
Delese Wear - Editor

The Center of the Web examines the complexities of how solitude is perceived by women. Each contributor describes how solitude is a dimension of her personal and public life: how she defines it, if and how she seeks it, where she finds it, and how it influences her life. The voices in the book come from varied vantage points, illuminating women's perspectives of solitude with regard to class, culture, race, and sexual identity. Some essay...(Read More)
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