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Constructing Boundaries
Constructing Boundaries (March 2000)
Jewish and Arab Workers in Mandatory Palestine
Deborah S. Bernstein - Author

An interdisciplinary study discussing the impact of the national crisis in Mandatory Palestine on relations between Jewish and Arab workers and their respective labor movements.

Constructing Boundaries examines the competition, interaction, and impact among Jewish and Arab workers in the labor market of Mandatory Palestine. It is both a labor market study, based on the Split Labor Market Theory, and a case study of the labor mar...(Read More)
Pioneers and Homemakers
Pioneers and Homemakers (July 1992)
Jewish Women in Pre-State Israel
Deborah S. Bernstein - Editor

“It is a revisionary book which debunks a lot of the myths which have been attached to Zionism, and which graphically demonstrates, as well, the ways the experiences and contributions of women have been sidelined both by the Zionist male leadership and by historians of the movement up to now. The topic is both extremely significant in itself — this is truly a pioneering and important work — and central, as well, to several important f...(Read More)
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