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Desegregating the City
Desegregating the City (May 2005)
Ghettos, Enclaves, and Inequality
David P. Varady - Editor

Multidisciplinary perspectives on segregation in the United States and other developed countries.

Desegregating the City takes a global, multidisciplinary look at segregation and the strengths and weaknesses of different antisegregation strategies in the United States and other developed countries. In contrast to previous works focusing exclusively on racial ghettos (products of coercion), this book also disc...(Read More)
Selling Cities
Selling Cities (August 1995)
Attracting Homebuyers Through Schools and Housing Programs
David P. Varady - Author
Jeffrey A. Raffel - Author

Shows that cities can be revitalized by attracting and retaining the middle class through schools and housing programs.
"This book offers empirical insights to a critical urban policy issue: Can central cities attract middle-class homeowners? The analysis is thorough, the data interpretation is well balanced and non ideological, and the policy recommendations user-friendly. The argument that cities can do something about decline is an ...(Read More)
Neighborhood Upgrading
Neighborhood Upgrading (October 1986)
A Realistic Assessment
David P. Varady - Author

Neighborhood Upgrading examines the effectiveness of government-subsidized housing rehabilitation programs in reversing patterns of neighborhood decline. Varady takes a realistic look at the dilemma facing policy planners attempting to effect changes on a local level. His is the first study to assess the impact of neighborhood ethnic and social class changes on mobility and investment decisions.

There has been little empirical research...(Read More)
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