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Selection Theory and Social Construction
Selection Theory and Social Construction (August 2001)
The Evolutionary Naturalistic Epistemology of Donald T. Campbell
Cecilia Heyes - Editor
David L. Hull - Editor

Top scholars examine the work of Donald T. Campbell, one of the first to emphasize the social structure of science.

In his long career, Donald T. Campbell made important contributions to social psychology, anthropology, sociology, education, science studies, and epistemology. In this anthology, the authors concentrate on his epistemology, in particular his evolutionary, naturalistic epistemology. The four philosophers, two psychologist...(Read More)
The Metaphysics of Evolution
The Metaphysics of Evolution (November 1989)
David L. Hull - Editor

"Hull covers a set of topics that are of central importance to systematists and other evolutionists as well as to philosophers and historians of science: individuality, classification, historical explanation, human nature, and much more." -- Michael J. Donoghue, University of Arizona

This critical collection of essays represents the best of the best when it comes to philosophy of biology. Many chapters treat evolution as a biological...(Read More)
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