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The Twenty-first Century Confronts Its Gods
The Twenty-first Century Confronts Its Gods (October 2004)
Globalization, Technology, and War
David J. Hawkin - Editor

Maintains that the secular West has its gods—such as market capitalism—and that veneration of these contributes to the cultural and religious unrest of our time.

This book penetrates the assumptions of Western technological society and exposes the powers that govern it. The contributors argue that it is a mistake to think that religion and belief have been relegated to the private sphere and are no longer im...(Read More)
The Johannine World
The Johannine World (August 1996)
Reflections on the Theology of the Fourth Gospel and Contemporary Society
David J. Hawkin - Author

Argues that the Fourth Gospel has “political dimensions” which offer both meaning and challenge to contemporary Christians.

"Further interpretations of the Fourth Gospel will have to take serious consideration of this presentation. Hawkins gives a balanced and original treatment of the orthodoxy/uniqueness of the gospel. The work is significant in several ways: it addresses some of the central issues of debate in Johann...(Read More)
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