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Capital in the Mirror
Capital in the Mirror (April 2020)
Critical Social Theory and the Aesthetic Dimension
Dan Krier - Editor
Mark P. Worrell - Editor

Analyzes contemporary capitalism through the products of culture and art for fresh insight into emancipatory possibilities concealed within capitalism’s darkest dynamics.

Aesthetic objects, crafted as poetic reflections of the contradictory worlds that they inhabit, are simultaneously theorized and theorizing. In Capital in the Mirror, eminent critical theorists explore the ...(Read More)
Speculative Management
Speculative Management (March 2005)
Stock Market Power and Corporate Change
Dan Krier - Author

Argues that recent initiatives by industrial management were directed more toward short-term gains than improving efficiency.

In this timely work, Dan Krier examines the relationship between two phenomena that dominated the economic scene in the late twentieth century: the rising power of financial markets and the restructuring of American industry. He argues that corporate governance was transformed during this period ...(Read More)
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