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Culture, Technology, Communication
Culture, Technology, Communication (June 2001)
Towards an Intercultural Global Village
Charles Ess - Editor
Fay Sudweeks - With
Susan Herring - Foreword by

Provides cross-cultural perspectives on computer-mediated communication.

Stability and success in our electronic global village increasingly depends on the complex interactions of culture, communication, and technology. This book offers both theoretical approaches and case studies of these interactions from diverse cultural domains, including Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and the United States. This global perspectiv...(Read More)
Sociology and Interpretation
Sociology and Interpretation (July 1996)
From Weber to Habermas
Charles A. Pressler - Author
Fabio B. Dasilva - Author

Explores the contributions to interpretive sociology of major Continental social theorists and examines the ways in which these individuals enrich our understanding of the art of being human.

Interpretive sociology involves the consideration of not only sense evidence, but also of meanings, affects, and other subjective phenomena. Sociologists and social philosophers have attempted to understand social behavior through o...(Read More)
Philosophical Perspectives on Computer-Mediated Communication
Philosophical Perspectives on Computer-Mediated Communication (February 1996)
Charles Ess - Edited and with an introduction by

The rush to the Information Superhighway and the transition to an Information Age have enormous political, ethical, and religious consequences. The essays collected here develop both interdisciplinary and international perspectives on privacy, critical thinking and literacy, democratization, gender, religion, and the very nature of the revolution promised in cyberspace. These essays are essential reading for anyone who wants to better understand and...(Read More)
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