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Intellectual Capital
Intellectual Capital (July 2009)
The Intangible Assets of Professional Development Schools
Carole G. Basile - Editor

Stories from participants in Professional Development Schools.

A Professional Development School (PDS) offers unique university-school relationships that can change the culture of learning and add value to students and the community. Initially created in the 1980s, the PDS movement is growing across the country and is now a respected teacher education model. In this book, Carole G. Basile has collected stories writ...(Read More)
A Good Little School
A Good Little School (February 2004)
Carole G. Basile - Author
John I. Goodlad - Foreword by

An inspiring story of the student-centered learning that can take place in a democratic, caring school.

A Good Little School
pays homage to Jefferson County Open School, a public school of choice with a thirty-year history of providing an alternative education for students in K-12. Chronicled in this book are the personal experiences and anecdotes of teachers, parents, and students within the school, and how their co...(Read More)
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