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Having a Word with Angus Graham
Having a Word with Angus Graham (March 2018)
At Twenty-Five Years into His Immortality
Carine Defoort - Editor
Roger T. Ames - Editor

Critical reflections on the work of Angus Charles Graham, renowned Western scholar of Chinese philosophy and sinology.

This volume engages with the works and ideas of Angus Charles Graham (1919–1991), one of the most prominent Western scholars of Chinese philosophy, at the twenty-fifth anniversary of his passing. Over a professional career of more than thirty years, Angus Graham produced an impressive amount of scholarshi...(Read More)
The Pheasant Cap Master (He guan zi)
The Pheasant Cap Master (He guan zi) (November 1996)
A Rhetorical Reading
Carine Defoort - Author

This first book-length study in English explores the long neglected ancient Chinese treatise: the Pheasant Cap Master or He guan zi (3rd century B.C.).

"This is an exceptionally thorough, clear, and well-structured account of an important early Chinese text that has been largely overlooked by most scholars because of doubts about its authenticity and difficulties with its textual integrity--issues now largely clarified by...(Read More)
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