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Reason, Regulation, and Realism
Reason, Regulation, and Realism (March 1995)
Towards a Regulatory Systems Theory of Reason and Evolutionary Epistemology
C. A. Hooker - Author

This book develops a new naturalist theory of reason and scientific knowledge from a synthesis of philosophy and the new sciences of complex adaptive systems. In particular, the theory of partially self-organizing regulatory systems is now emerging as central to all the life and social sciences, and this book shows how these ideas can be used to illuminate and satisfyingly reconstruct our basic philosophical concepts and principles.

Evolution...(Read More)
Issues in Evolutionary Epistemology
Issues in Evolutionary Epistemology (November 1989)
Kai Hahlweg - Editor
C. A. Hooker - Editor

This book provides the fullest philosophical examination of theories of evolutionary epistemology now available. Here for the first time are found major statements of new theories, new applications, and many new critical explorations.

The book is divided into four parts: Part I introduces several new approaches to evolutionary epistemology; Part II attempts to widen the scope of evolutionary epistemology, either by tackling more traditional...(Read More)
A Realistic Theory of Science
A Realistic Theory of Science (February 1987)
C. A. Hooker - Author

This book presents a clear and critical view of the orthodox logical empiricist tradition, pointing the way to significant developments for the understanding of science both as research and as culture. It summarizes the present confused and highly polarized status of the orthodox philosophy of science. It exhibits clearly the fundamental metaphysical and global presuppositions and confusions that have led to this status. It provides a positive po...(Read More)
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