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Old English Homily and Its Background
Old English Homily and Its Background (June 1978)
Paul E. Szarmach - Editor
Bernard F. Huppe - Editor

Essays on the largest body of prose work in Old English, by Stafford, Gatch, Smetana, Goddin, HuppéLetson, Nichols, Tandy, Jurovics, Dalbey, Szarmach.

“There is nothing like this in Old English critical literature … Successfully contributes to an appreciative understanding of the Old English homily and the considerable achievement of Aelfric … An essential work.” — CHOICE...(Read More)
A Reading of the Canterbury Tales
A Reading of the Canterbury Tales (June 1964)
Bernard F. Huppe - Author

In the human comedy of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales the pilgrims react to one another. The tales they tell reveal their own characters and serve in turn to supply dramatic settings for other tales told in response. In the chronicle of their self-revelations and of their reactions to one another, a thematic design may be traced. Chaucer's art of high comedy has behind it a literary tradition of which it is the fulfillment...(Read More)
Doctrine and Poetry
Doctrine and Poetry (June 1959)
Augustine's Influence on Old English Poetry
Bernard F. Huppe - Author

To our modern sensibilities, "doctrine" and "poetry" may seem antithetical, but the medieval Christian found nothing conflicting in them. In this provocative book, Bernard F. Huppe outlines the influence of Augustinian doctrine upon old English poetry and shows that their association was so close as to be indissoluble.

Augustinian literary doctrine, religious in its orientation, held that the purpose of literature is the promotion of charity...(Read More)
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