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Saving Eagle Mitch
Saving Eagle Mitch (May 2013)
One Good Deed in a Wicked World
Barbara Chepaitis - Author

When a Navy SEAL and former Army Ranger rescue a wounded eagle in war-torn Afghanistan, a writer learns what it can take to do one good deed in a seemingly wicked world.

In the spring of 2010, as the world’s economy faced a potential meltdown and the United States tried to win one war and maneuver its way out of another, one lone Steppe Eagle, shot down on a firing range in Afghanistan, faced problems of hi...(Read More)
Feathers of Hope
Feathers of Hope (July 2010)
Pete Dubacher, the Berkshire Bird Paradise, and the Human Connection with Birds
Barbara Chepaitis - Author

A joyful journey through Pete Dubacher’s Berkshire Bird Paradise, and a thoughtful contemplation of our relationship to birds and nature.

Feathers of Hope takes the reader on a joyful journey through the Berkshire Bird Paradise in Grafton, New York. Founded and maintained by Pete Dubacher, it’s a magical place that provides sanctuary to over twelve hundred injured or otherwise unreleasable ...(Read More)
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