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Korean Religions in Relation
Korean Religions in Relation (November 2016)
Buddhism, Confucianism, Christianity
Anselm K. Min - Editor

Examines Buddhism, Confucianism, and Christianity in Korea, focusing on their mutual accommodation, exclusion, conflict, and assimilation.

Instead of simply being another survey of the three dominant religions in contemporary Korea—Buddhism, Confucianism, and Christianity—this unique book studies them in relation to each other in terms of assimilation, accommodation, conflict, and exclusion. The contributors focus on...(Read More)
Dialectic of Salvation
Dialectic of Salvation (July 1989)
Issues in Theology of Liberation
Anselm K. Min - Author

This book provides a detailed examination of the central philosophical and theological themes of liberation theology. It covers the role of history and praxis, the dialectics of salvation and liberation, the concept of social and personal sin, Marxism, and the anthropology of concrete totality as the basis of theology.

Dialectic of Salvation is issue oriented, coming to grips with the many criticisms of liberation theology--the critic...(Read More)
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