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The Mate Relationship
The Mate Relationship (October 1997)
Cross-Cultural Applications of a Rules Theory
Anne Maydan Nicotera - Author

Provides research applications of a rules theory of mate relationships to several American cultures and two non-American cultures.

"I like the focus on extending the research across cultures. The author is sensitive to how culture is talked about. Since the mid 1980s the field of interpersonal communication has seen a surge in interest in the study of personal and social relationships. As a book on the character of mates...(Read More)
Conflict and Organizations
Conflict and Organizations (October 1995)
Communicative Processes
Anne Maydan Nicotera - Editor

Focuses on the constructive nature of conflict and stresses conflict management as opposed to conflict resolution. Presents a comprehensive view of organizational conflict.

This collection provides a well-rounded view of organizational conflict in three broad categories: ways of thinking about organizational conflict, individual processes, and interaction processes. It enriches the positivistic literature on conflict and...(Read More)
Interpersonal Communication in Friend and Mate Relationships
Interpersonal Communication in Friend and Mate Relationships (April 1993)
Anne Maydan Nicotera - Author

A concentration on communication processes is essential to sorting out fundamental problems in interpersonal relationships. This book provides a general theory of the role of communication in interpersonal relationships that is grounded in the rules perspective and focuses on self-concept and interaction as the generative mechanisms of relationship formation and growth. The authors explore the kind of information that is exchanged in the process o...(Read More)
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