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Athletic Intruders
Athletic Intruders (January 2003)
Ethnographic Research on Women, Culture, and Exercise
Anne Bolin - Editor
Jane E. Granskog - Editor

Explores women's place in sport and exercise from a socioculture perspective.

Informed by feminism and the fields of anthropology and sociology of sport, this anthology investigates women's place in sport and exercise from a sociocultural perspective, documenting women's struggle into the sports arenas of male hegemony. The nine ethnographic case studies explore issues of identity, embodiment, and meaning in various...(Read More)
Perspectives on Human Sexuality
Perspectives on Human Sexuality (June 1999)
Anne Bolin - Author
Patricia Whelehan - Author

Presents the first book-length examination of both the biological and cultural factors in human sexuality.

In a book destined to become the standard reference on human sexuality, Bolin and Whelehan provide the first ever treatment that includes both the biological aspects and the cultural influences of this basic and much examined part of life. Never before has a book offered such a broad analysis including both anthropol...(Read More)
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