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Winning (September 1995)
Continuous Improvement Theory in High Performance Organizations
Krysztof Obloj - Author
Donald P. Cushman - Author
Andrzej Kozminski - Author

This book shows how organizational frame-breaking changes can be used in order for an organization to learn from its own experience and continually improve.
"This book introduces an exciting new concept of management theory that combines several individualized concepts which have been presented in recent years as the basis of management theories by themselves. The value of the blending of these theories is amply demonstrated by a great va...(Read More)
Catching Up?
Catching Up? (October 1993)
Organizational and Management Change in the Ex-Socialist Block
Andrzej Kozminski - Author

"It descends beneath the aggregate level and provides concrete cases about how East European economies are changing. It is refreshing in its evidence and original in its approach -- a fascinating account of East European restructuring." -- Alice H. Amsden, New School for Social Research

"The book leads us to discard ideological media hype, and forces us to assess a rather uncertain future with solid, empirical evidence. It provides insightf...(Read More)
Organizational Communication and Management
Organizational Communication and Management (January 1993)
A Global Perspective
Andrzej Kozminski - Editor
Donald P. Cushman - Editor

"The role of communication, in general, and high speed management in particular in the new global economy is of particular importance to world politicians and business people if they are to compete effectively in the world marketplace of the next few decades. The significance of the new communication technologies in these developments, with their lasting impact on both the public and private sectors, is particularly noteworthy. This book provides ...(Read More)
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