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Postcolonial Whiteness
Postcolonial Whiteness (February 2005)
A Critical Reader on Race and Empire
Alfred J. Lopez - Editor

Explores the undertheorized convergence of postcoloniality and whiteness.

Postcolonial Whiteness
examines the interrelations between whiteness and the history of European colonialism, as well as the status of whiteness in the contemporary postcolonial world. It addresses two fundamental questions: What happens to whiteness after empire, and to what extent do white cultural norms or imperatives remain embedded in the ...(Read More)
Posts and Pasts
Posts and Pasts (May 2001)
A Theory of Postcolonialism
Alfred J. Lopez - Author

Deconstructs the field of postcolonial studies.

In Posts and Pasts: A Theory of Postcolonialism, Alfred J. Lopez argues for a formulation of postcolonial studies which diverges in three significant ways from current academic and institutional practices: 1) the postcolonial as diasporic, constituted by a series of dispersed and irregular criticisms not at all containable within a single set of parameters, w...(Read More)
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