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Papers on the Ethics of Administration
Papers on the Ethics of Administration (September 1988)
'Abd al-Rahman al-Jami - Editor

The recent, well-published cases of unethical behavior on the part of top-level executives in business as well as in government have given impetus to an increasing national concern with organizational or administrative ethics. Indeed, ethics has become the crucial focus in the study of administration. As one of the contributors to this work states: American management has lost its soul. Corrupt and barbaric managerial practices reported in the p...(Read More)
The Precious Pearl
The Precious Pearl (June 1979)
'Abd al-Rahman al-Jami - Author
Nicholas Heer - Translator

In this book al-Jami examines questions that Islamic theologians, philosophers, and Sufis had long debated. On each question al-Jami first presents the views of the philosphers and theologians. He then presents the Sufi view as a clearly superior position, either because it reconciles the opposing views of the theologians and philosophers, or because it avoids problems that their doctrines entail.

Nur al-Din al-Rahn al-Jami was born in...(Read More)
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