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Critical Perspectives on Project Head Start
Critical Perspectives on Project Head Start (September 1998)
Revisioning the Hope and Challenge
Jeanne Ellsworth - Editor
Lynda J. Ames - Editor

Considers how Project Head Start, the federally funded preschool program, has operated (sometimes effectively and comfortably, sometimes not) with families, in communities, and with other institutions. An important look at the intersections of poverty, social programs, and education.
This book offers critical perspectives on the complex dynamics of politics, class, gender, power, race, and ethnicity in Project Head Start, past and present...(Read More)
Learning Disabilities
Learning Disabilities (August 1998)
Appropriate Practices for a Diverse Population
Barry Edwards McNamara - Author

Provides a variety of instructional approaches that recognize the cultural and linguistic diversity found in students classified as learning disabled.

This book addresses issues in teacher preparation and parental roles in the education of children with learning disabilities. It provides a variety of instructional approaches that recognize the cultural and linguistic diversity found in students classified as learning dis...(Read More)
Early Care and Education for Children in Poverty
Early Care and Education for Children in Poverty (March 1998)
Promises, Programs, and Long-Term Results
W. Steven Barnett - Editor
Sarane Spence Boocock - Editor

Establishes the power of early care and education to change children's lives, particularly children in poverty.

"I am impressed by several features of this book. First and foremost is the impeccable scholarship. Barnett and Boocock have brought together the work of a number of first-class scholars from a variety of disciplines who have thought deeply about the problem of educating disadvantaged young children." -- Barry...(Read More)
The Impact of School Choice and Community
The Impact of School Choice and Community (November 1995)
In the Interest of Families and Schools
Claire Smrekar - Author

This book examines ways in which school structures can change to increase parental involvement.

This book offers a response to the policy failures associated with parent involvement in schools by arguing against traditional, piecemeal approaches to enhancing parent involvement in schools, and amplifying the importance of parents' social networks in the discussion of family-school partnerships. The interaction between social structure ...(Read More)
From "Backwardness" to "At-Risk" (July 1994)
Childhood Learning Difficulties and the Contradictions of School Reform
Barry M. Franklin - Author

"Barry M. Franklin's history of low-achieving, troubled, innocent children is sometimes chilling. For all their ostensible attempts to help children, America's public schools have frequently clipped the wings of youth. With a poet's eye but historian's sensibility, Franklin deftly recovers missing pages of the past. He provides the reader with valuable historical perspective on current policy debates on at-risk children." -- From the Foreword by ...(Read More)
At-Risk Students
At-Risk Students (July 1993)
Portraits, Policies, Programs, and Practices
Robert Donmoyer - Editor
Raylene Kos - Editor

"Without coming to grips with the at-risk student problem, school reorganization, new subject matter, instructional methods, and other forms of curriculum reform are all hollow. As one reads the material in this book, it becomes very clear that larger societal issues are at stake, and need to be solved. Oh, that the "Education President" would/could read this kind of material as a basis of making national policy." -- Nelson L. Haggerson, Arizona St...(Read More)
Children at Risk in America
Children at Risk in America (December 1992)
History, Concepts, and Public Policy
Roberta Wollons - Editor

This collection of essays addresses twentieth-century historical and contemporary issues regarding children who are considered to be at risk. The essays explore the language of risk as it is used by the courts, the schools, governmental agencies, and child advocates, those who discover risks and create correctives for children who both need protection and threaten to disturb the social order. The tasks require an exploration of differing, often con...(Read More)
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