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Oh, Do I Remember!
Oh, Do I Remember! (July 2001)
Experiences of Teachers During the Desegregation of Austin's Schools, 1964-1971
Anna Victoria Wilson - Author
William E. Segall - Author

The story of one city's experience with school desegregation, as seen through the eyes of the teachers who lived it.

Stories of school desegregation are ultimately about people—teachers who work in the schools and the students who are there to learn. This book focuses on the front line faculty and their recollection of the effort to desegregate faculty in Austin's schools during 1964–1971 in compli...(Read More)
The Social Studies Curriculum
The Social Studies Curriculum (April 2001)
Purposes, Problems, and Possibilites, Revised Edition
E. Wayne Ross - Editor

A new and valuable synthesis of the issues affecting the social studies curriculum.

The newly revised edition of The Social Studies Curriculum presents the definitive overview of the primary issues facing teachers creating learning experiences for students in social studies. The book connects the diverse elements of the social studies curriculum--global education, social issues-centered education, and the roles of...(Read More)
Becoming Political
Becoming Political (April 1998)
Comparative Perspectives on Citizenship Education
Carole L. Hahn - Author

"The citizenship education/political socialization literature is rife with speculation about what adolescents think and believe politically, but very short on actual data. This work is a major addition to our knowledge in these areas." -- John J. Cogan, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

This book sheds light on the question: Under what conditions do democratic attitudes and values take root in youth? Using a comparative persp...(Read More)
The Social Studies Curriculum
The Social Studies Curriculum (July 1997)
Purposes, Problems, and Possibilities
E. Wayne Ross - Editor

Presents a substantive overview of the issues faced in social studies curriculum design, development, and implementation, with an emphasis on diversity of purposes and forms of knowledge within social studies as a school subject.

This book offers contemporary perspectives on some of the most enduring problems facing social studies educators. The contributors systematically investigate a broad range of issues affecting th...(Read More)
Interactive Technologies and the Social Studies
Interactive Technologies and the Social Studies (November 1996)
Emerging Issues and Applications
Peter H. Martorella - Editor

Provides a comprehensive guide to and analysis of the expanding role of technology in the social studies curriculum and classroom.

An original analysis of the expanding and evolving role of technology in the social studies curriculum, Interactive Technologies and the Social Studies fills a significant void in the existing literature.

"The issues dealt with in this book are important to both s...(Read More)
Teaching About International Conflict and Peace
Teaching About International Conflict and Peace (April 1995)
Merry M. Merryfield - Editor
Richard C. Remy - Editor

This book is about international conflict resolution and management.
Designed especially for preservice teachers, this book links substantive, current scholarship on major topics in the management of international conflict with exemplary instructional methods in social studies education. Through vignettes and case studies of actual classroom practice, the reader learns from experienced teachers how they integrate different instructional m...(Read More)
Hate Prejudice and Racism
Hate Prejudice and Racism (August 1993)
Milton Kleg - Author

Hate Prejudice and Racism provides a comprehensive overview of the problems created by prejudiced attitudes, racist beliefs, and acts of discrimination, from the casual racial or ethnic joke to the unrestrained violence of a lynch mob. It addresses such topics as the nature of ethnicity, stereotyping, aggression, and hate groups and individuals who promote ethnic and racial hatred.

Kleg's discussion of ethnicity and ethnic groups chal...(Read More)
Global Education
Global Education (July 1992)
A Study of School Change
Barbara Benham Tye - Author
Kenneth A. Tye - Author

"Much has been written and said about global education in recent years. Even more has been written and said about the dynamics of educational change. Seldom are these two bodies of scholarly discourse brought together. Even more rarely are they joined in a way that synthesizes the best of the two. Global Education: A Study of School Change is such a book." -- Lee F. Anderson, Northwestern University

"The book reflects the ...(Read More)
Social Studies in Schools
Social Studies in Schools (January 1992)
A History of the Early Years
David Warren Saxe - Author

This supplemental text is an historical account of the beginning years of the social studies. Using the 1916 Social Studies report as a base, the book outlines the issues, contexts, and individuals that were influential in the genesis of the seminal social studies prototype program.

The author explains that many of our present interests such as critical thinking, decision making, inquiry, reflective thinking, foundational studies, and cultur...(Read More)
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