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Education, Modernity, and Fractured Meaning
Education, Modernity, and Fractured Meaning (August 1989)
Toward A Process Theory of Teaching and Learning
Donald W. Oliver - Author
Kathleen Waldron Gershman - With assistance from

An indictment of the ideology of modernity, which has resulted in our leading incoherent and fragmented lives, Oliver and Gershman's book explores the profound paradigmatic differences that exist among the world's people and describes a rich theory of knowing and being, commonly called "process philosophy." The promise of process philosophy is in its potential to allow us to participate more fully in the flow of all of time and nature. But what do...(Read More)
Pedagogy, Printing and Protestantism
Pedagogy, Printing and Protestantism (July 1989)
The Discourse on Childhood
Carmen Luke - Author

"The author's creativity lies in bringing Foucault's perspective to bear on the convergence of many forces in 15th and 16th century Europe." -- Clifford Hill, Columbia University

Using Foucault's history of discourse, this book examines the relationship between the invention of the printing press and the evolution of concepts regarding childhood and schooling. It is an interdisciplinary study of schooling, childhood, literacy, and protestant...(Read More)
What's Worth Teaching?
What's Worth Teaching? (April 1989)
Selecting, Organizing, and Integrating Knowledge
Marion Brady - Author

In his daring and ground-breaking work, Brady argues that the most satisfactory way to make the general education curriculum a coherent whole is not by bridging between the parts but by recognizing them as integral, logically-related components of larger entities. These "larger entities" are socio-cultural systems.

When considering what's worth teaching, administrators and faculty typically have faced issues such as these:

For decad...(Read More)
Moral Education for a Secular Society
Moral Education for a Secular Society (July 1988)
The Development of Moral Laique in Nineteenth Century France
Phyllis Stock-Morton - Author

"The study is well thought out and researched, while at the same time it is beautifully styled and crafted." -- Jack L. Roth, Case Western Reserve University

"The topic concerns more than nineteenth century French history. It concerns the assumptions as secularity in contemporary Western culture. The topic is fundamental to any field of study that deals with values." -- Philip L. Smith, The Ohio State University

The current controversy...(Read More)
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