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Imitation and Education
Imitation and Education (April 2008)
A Philosophical Inquiry into Learning by Example
Bryan R. Warnick - Author

Brings together current research in philosophy, cognitive science, and education to uncover and criticize the traditional assumptions of how and why we should learn through imitation.

Imitation and Education provides an in-depth reassessment of learning by example that places imitation in a larger social context. It is the first book to bring together ancient educational thought and startling breakthroughs i...(Read More)
Democratic Education Stretched Thin
Democratic Education Stretched Thin (February 2007)
How Complexity Challenges a Liberal Ideal
David J. Blacker - Author

Argues that the complexity of our pluralistic social world demands an enriched conception of democratic education.

Is a democratic education promoting the ideals of human equality and individual liberty still tenable in a postmodern world of increasingly diverse and competing interests? Drawing on contemporary political theorists, including Michael Walzer and John Rawls, and also on philosophers such as Descart...(Read More)
Inquiry and Education
Inquiry and Education (April 2006)
John Dewey and the Quest for Democracy
James Scott Johnston - Author

Provides a central role for Dewey’s talk of education and how it fits into his overall philosophy.

Inquiry and Education offers a lucid and challenging interpretation of John Dewey, his critics, and his supporters. Thematically organized, the book focuses on four of Dewey’s preeminent concerns—inquiry, growth, community, and democracy—and their close association with formal education. This book f...(Read More)
Grappling with the Good
Grappling with the Good (February 2006)
Talking about Religion and Morality in Public Schools
Robert Kunzman - Author

2007 CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title

Asks whether public schools can and should help students discuss moral disagreements, even when religion is involved.

Weaving together history, philosophy, and curriculum, Grappling with the Good offers a vision of public education in which students learn to engage respectfully with the diversity of beliefs about how to live together in society...(Read More)
Art, Alienation, and the Humanities
Art, Alienation, and the Humanities (February 2000)
A Critical Engagement with Herbert Marcuse
Charles Reitz - Author

Winner of the 2002 American Educational Studies Association's Critics' Choice Award

Illustrates how Marcuse's theory sheds new light on current debates in both education and society involving issues of multiculturalism, postmodernism, civic education, the "culture wars," critical thinking, and critical literacy.

By examining the aesthetic, social, and educational philosophy of Her...(Read More)
John Dewey
John Dewey (October 1997)
Rethinking Our Time
Raymond D. Boisvert - Author

1998 American Educational Studies Association Critics' Choice Titles

CHOICE 1998 Outstanding Academic Book

A concise, eminently readable introduction to the thought of America's most prominent philosopher.

Written in a manner accessible to non-specialists, this book provides an introduction to all areas central to John Dewey's philosophy: aesthetics, social and ...(Read More)
Discipleship or Pilgrimage?
Discipleship or Pilgrimage? (August 1995)
The Educator's Quest for Philosophy
Tony W. Johnson - Author

This interpretive history and critique of educational philosophy offers a reexamination and reconstruction of John Dewey's vision.
"Tony Johnson's book contains an explosive thesis: that philosophers of education make assumptions about knowing, learning, and the value of professionalism that are self-defeating and educationally destructive. In delineating these ironies, Johnson deepens the critique of the professionalized, departmentaliz...(Read More)
The Educational Conversation
The Educational Conversation (July 1995)
Closing the Gap
Jim Garrison - Editor
Anthony G. Rud Jr. - Editor

This book discusses topics normally excluded from the current educational conversation such as soul, authority, irony, memory, style, luck, privacy, power, and hospitality.
"This is a timely and well-written contribution to a growing body of literature in education that emphasizes the moral as distinct from the 'performance evaluation' and other 'standardized' procedures for testing teachers and 'measuring' their work. Certain chapters, ...(Read More)
Classroom in Conflict
Classroom in Conflict (September 1994)
Teaching Controversial Subjects in a Diverse Society
John A. Williams - Author

This book transcends recent debates about political correctness to address the underlying problems of teaching controversial subjects in the college and university history classroom. The author criticizes both sides of the debate, rejecting, on the one hand, calls for a uniform, chronological history curriculum and, on the other hand, claims that only ethnic or racial "insiders" are qualified to teach about their communities.
In chapters on colo...(Read More)
Performance versus Results
Performance versus Results (June 1993)
A Critique of Values in Contemporary Sport
John H. Gibson - Author

"There are books about sport that say something about philosophy, and there are books about philosophy that say something about sport, but one or the other usually gets slighted. Gibson has something important to say about both. That is rare." -- Michael A. Oliker, Midwest Philosophy of Education Society

This study examines the consequences of cultural development on the emergence of contemporary sport. The current preoccupation with stati...(Read More)
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