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Violence and Mediation in Contemporary Culture
Violence and Mediation in Contemporary Culture (November 1995)
Ronald Bogue - Editor
Marcel Cornis-Pope - Editor

This collection of essays addresses two major issues of contemporary culture: the problem of violence in relation to notions of "difference" and power; and the role of mediation in making possible non-conflictive play of cultural differences.

Two major issues in contemporary culture are explored in this book: the problem of violence in relation to the much-debated notions of difference, representation, and power; and the...(Read More)
The Rhetoric of Failure
The Rhetoric of Failure (November 1995)
Deconstruction of Skepticism, Reinvention of Modernism
Ewa Plonowska Ziarek - Author

"There are many books on the links between deconstruction and literary modernism, but I know of no work that undertakes so detailed a confrontation between a series of major thinkers (Cavell, Derrida, Levinas, Benjamin) and writers (Kafka, Beckett, Gombrowicz). The strategy is an original one. It is rare that a critic has the kind of dual sensibility that is needed to carry it off." -- Alexander Gelley, University of California, Irvine

"This ...(Read More)
Allegories of Writing
Allegories of Writing (August 1995)
The Subject of Metamorphosis
Bruce Clarke - Author

This is a theoretical study of human metamorphosis in Western literature.
Allegories of Writing presents the first full synthesis of allegory theory and literary metamorphosis. It examines the leading themes and the literary transformations of metamorphic narratives. By applying current theories of the text and the subject to metamorphic tales from Homer, Plato, and Apuleius to Keats, Kafka, and Calvino, this book recovers the cr...(Read More)
Literary Voice
Literary Voice (August 1995)
The Calling of Jonah
Donald Wesling - Author
Tadeusz Slawek - Author

This response to Derrida's critique of the spoken uses dozens of examples in four languages to explore the voice that is in writing.
Jacques Derrida has ably analyzed the writing that is in speaking, but this reply to his work analyzes the speaking that is in writing. This book defends and illustrates literary voice against modern philosophy's critique of the spoken, and in the light of Mikhail Bakhtin's dialogism and Henri Meschonnic's s...(Read More)
Death in a Delphi Seminar
Death in a Delphi Seminar (August 1995)
A Postmodern Mystery
Norman N. Holland - Author

In this detective novel set in a small, intense seminar, eight students study what their professor regards as the central mystery of human nature: the uniqueness of the individual. One morning a woman student who has been fighting this idea and disrupting the seminar keels over, poisoned. The detective who takes charge is himself a writer who finds this tight little world of academic criticism and theory fascinating, baffling, yet somehow sympathe...(Read More)
The Site of Our Lives
The Site of Our Lives (July 1995)
The Self and the Subject from Emerson to Foucault
James S. Hans - Author

This book addresses the question of human uniqueness at a time when academic discourse has all but abandoned its long-held commitment to the value of individuality. Through an appraisal of the works of Emerson, Nietzsche, Heidegger, Derrida, and Foucault, the author establishes the ways in which the current critique of the self has grossly distorted the nature of the debate by reducing it to a simple choice between essential or constructed selves. ...(Read More)
Cezanne and Modernism
Cezanne and Modernism (January 1995)
The Poetics of Painting
Joyce Medina - Author

This book explores how traditional relations among the arts have changed in our time, focusing on the radical transformation of Paul Cezanne.
This book explores the contemporary modification of traditional relations among the arts. Interpreting Cezanne as a founder of Modernism, it focuses on an aesthetics of the image (with roots in Bergson, Heidegger, and Merleau-Ponty) of equivalent value across the arts and in literature.
The auth...(Read More)
Post-Theory, Games, and Discursive Resistance
Post-Theory, Games, and Discursive Resistance (January 1995)
The Bulgarian Case
Alexander Kiossev - Editor

This anthology of mixed-genre writings on East European political culture examines the aesthetic character of Eastern Europe before and after 1989, the beginning of a "post-totalitarian age."
This book consists of a dialogue of genres (fiction, parables, essay, analytic, programmatic) on the topic of Eastern European political culture before and after 1989. These texts introduce us to a reexamination of the aesthetic and political charac...(Read More)
Intersections (January 1995)
Nineteenth-Century Philosophy and Contemporary Theory
Tilottama Rajan - Editor
David L. Clark - Editor

This is a study of the relationship between postmodernism and post-enlightenment German thought reading the contemporary theoretical scene through its nineteenth-century counterpart and examining the intersections.
Focusing on nineteenth-century philosophers from Schelling and Hegel to Nietzsche, and on contemporary theorists from Derrida to Kristeva and Lyotard, the essays in this book suggest that the two areas are most similar at the p...(Read More)
Thematics (December 1994)
New Approaches
Claude Bremond - Editor
Joshua Landy - Editor
Thomas Pavel - Editor

This book aims at refocusing critical reflection on thematics in the arts, a topic that has been neglected recently. The volume is divided into four sections: theoretical essays, applications to literature, reflections on thematics in music and the visual arts, and a conclusion.

The contributors, of international reputation, include Jean-Yves Bosseur, Claude Bremond, Menachem Brinker, Peter Cryle, Lubomír Dolezel, Fr...(Read More)
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