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Ninochka (August 2003)
A Novel
Svetlana Boym - Author

A Russian émigré living in New York travels to Paris to try to reconstruct the secret life of another Russian woman who was murdered there on the eve of World War II.

A playful literary mystery set in the 1930s and 1990s, Ninochka tells the double tale of two women exiles who are both homesick and sick of home. Tanya, a Russian immigrant living in New York, travels to Paris in an attempt to reconstr...(Read More)
Aryans, Jews, Brahmins
Aryans, Jews, Brahmins (September 2002)
Theorizing Authority through Myths of Identity
Dorothy M. Figueira - Author

Explores the construction of the Aryan myth and its uses in both India and Europe.

In Aryans, Brahmins, Jews, Dorothy M. Figueira provides a fascinating account of the construction of the Aryan myth and its uses in both India and Europe from the Enlightenment to the twentieth century. The myth concerns a race that inhabits a utopian past and gives rise first to Brahmin Indian culture and then to European culture...(Read More)
New Perspectives on Narrative Perspective
New Perspectives on Narrative Perspective (March 2001)
Willie van Peer - Editor
Seymour Chatman - Editor

Offers an interdisciplinary approach to narrative perspective, with essays by leading scholars of literary studies, cognitive psychology, linguistics, philosophy, and film and media criticism.

Narrative perspective is the faculty through which humans understand, structure, and explore the world that confronts them. This is the first volume to bring together the theoretical study of perspective with the rigor of experimental studies, co...(Read More)
On Other Grounds
On Other Grounds (December 2000)
Landscape Gardening and Nationalism in Eighteenth-Century England and France
Brigitte Weltman-Aron - Author

Examines eighteenth-century French and English landscape gardens as representations of nationalist expression.

On Other Grounds addresses the broader impacts of the English landscape movement on French gardening during the latter half of the eighteenth century. Through readings of the relevant texts of major authors of the period--including Voltaire, Newton, Rousseau, Condillac, Descartes, Diderot, Walpole, and Locke--the autho...(Read More)
Medical Progress and Social Reality
Medical Progress and Social Reality (October 2000)
A Reader in Nineteenth-Century Medicine and Literature
Lilian R. Furst - Editor

An anthology of nineteenth-century literature about medicine and medical issues.

Medical Progress and Social Reality is an anthology of nineteenth-century literature on medicine and medical practice. Situated at the interdisciplinary juncture of medicine, history, and literature, it includes mostly fictional but also some nonfictional works by British, French, American, and Russian writers that describe the day-t...(Read More)
Dancing in Damascus
Dancing in Damascus (August 2000)
Nancy Lindisfarne - Author

These nine short stories explore love and loss in contemporary Damascus, as well as the possibilities of writing ethnography as fiction.

Growing out of the author's anthropological fieldwork in Syria, these nine short stories explore love and loss in contemporary Damascus. Available here together for the first time in English, they confound popular stereotypes of Arab women and men as fundamentalists, terrorists, and vic...(Read More)
Narralogues (January 2000)
Truth in Fiction
Ronald Sukenick - Author

These "narralogues" combine story and argument, moving from Socratic dialogue to outright narrative, and ultimately making the case that fiction is a medium for telling the truth.

In Narralogues, Ronald Sukenick continues his important and original contributions to the cutting edge of contemporary fiction. Here he proposes fiction as a medium for telling the truth, while recognizing that the implicit contradiction in these terms...(Read More)
Reading Emptiness
Reading Emptiness (August 1999)
Buddhism and Literature
Jeff Humphries - Author

Concludes that the closest thing in Western culture to the Middle Way of Buddhism is not any sort of theory or philosophy, but the practice of literature.

Humphries's meditations upon Japanese Buddhism in relation to literary values, like his previous work on Villon, Proust, Stendhal, Poe, and Flannery O'Connor, follows a highly individual path, at once profoundly literary-critical and yet religious in sensibility. His ran...(Read More)
Reading with Michel Serres
Reading with Michel Serres (June 1999)
An Encounter with Time
Maria L. Assad - Author

Explores the concept of time in the work of Michel Serres, demonstrating close analogies in his work to the discourses of science, literature, and philosophy.

This book identifies a new perspective on time and temporality in the work of the French writer Michel Serres. Time is the veiled notion that underlies Serres's many epistemological parables and fables, and is a consistent metaphor throughout his work. Assad uncovers this common ...(Read More)
Melancholies of Knowledge
Melancholies of Knowledge (January 1999)
Literature in the Age of Science
Margery Arent Safir - Editor

Scholars in the exact and social sciences join literary critics to consider the work of French author Michel Rio and to reflect on literature's place in intellectual discourse in an age dominated by science.

"What does an evolutionary biologist derive from seeing a theory he himself has written about as a scientist 'translated' by an author of fiction? How is the perception of this scientific and mathematical knowledge c...(Read More)
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