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Toward Gender Equity in the Classroom
Toward Gender Equity in the Classroom (February 1994)
Everyday Teachers' Beliefs and Practices
Janice L. Streitmatter - Author

Rather than simply examining gender differences in student performance, this book presents various aspects and considerations of gender equity in classroom teaching through conversations with and observations of eight teachers. It highlights the differences between teacher beliefs and practices, shows how educational institutions contribute to the formation or development of those beliefs and practices, and describes how individual te...(Read More)
Changing Patterns of Power
Changing Patterns of Power (July 1993)
Social Regulation and Teacher Education Reform
Thomas S. Popkewitz - Editor

"I believe that the topic is ripe for such a sophisticated social and political analysis. There are other volumes about teacher education internationally, but few come close to providing the insights that can be gleaned from this book."-- Mark Ginsburg, Institute for International Studies in Education, University of Pittsburgh

"Educational reformers exhibit a degree of provincialism in outlook that is astounding. A book that deals with refo...(Read More)
Teachers (December 1992)
The Missing Voice in Education
Marilyn M. Cohn - Author
Robert B. Kottkamp - Author

"Teachersadvances knowledge, provokes concern, and offers fresh perspectives that stimulate the search for solid solutions. By grappling with messy complexities, Cohn and Kottkamp point up the shallowness of the panaceas that are so common in educational policy and practice. I strongly recommend this scholarly and accessible book and hope that those whose ideas and decisions shape American education will give it the close attention it merit...(Read More)
Redesigning Teaching
Redesigning Teaching (October 1992)
Professionalism or Bureaucracy?
William A. Firestone - Author
Beth D. Bader - Author

"The topic is absolutely central to the current debate of teacher professionalism and reform. The authors dig beneath the surface and provide insights and clarity about current reform attempts." -- Michael Fullan, University of Toronto

Redesigning Teaching provides concrete case studies of school districts implementing teacher reforms. The cases describe the changes, give the history and dynamics of each project, examine how teachers...(Read More)
Reflective Teacher Education
Reflective Teacher Education (September 1992)
Cases and Critiques
Linda Valli - Editor

An increasing number of educators are arguing for conceptually sound reflective or inquiry-oriented teacher education programs. The argument is based on the fact that reflective teaching is possible and the belief that teachers should develop habits of consciously informed action. Those who promote reflective teaching argue for teacher empowerment within a self-renewing profession.

Reflective Teacher Education offers case studies fro...(Read More)
Teacher Personal Theorizing
Teacher Personal Theorizing (September 1992)
Connecting Curriculum Practice, Theory, and Research
E. Wayne Ross - Editor
Jeffrey Cornett - Editor
Gail McCutcheon - Editor

"It is our opinion that this book represents an important contribution that is well worth reading. We urge the readers of Teaching and Teacher Education to take the time to find this text and read through the chapters themselves. We expect that you will find them to be interesting, provocative, and well worth the effort it takes to search for the book."-- Teaching and Teacher Education

This book examines the relationship b...(Read More)
Toward a New Science of Educational Testing and Assessment
Toward a New Science of Educational Testing and Assessment (February 1992)
Harold Berlak - Author
Fred M. Newmann - Author
Elizabeth Adams - Author
Doug A. Archbald - Author
Tyrell Burgess - Author
John Raven - Author
Thomas A. Romberg - Author

"In education today, there are few topics that are more significant than assessment. With current restructuring efforts and the hue and cry for accountability, it is essential that educators and educational policymakers seriously consider the issues presented in this book.

"Four states--California, Connecticut, New York, and Vermont--are moving in the direction recommended in this book. The number of interested states is grow...(Read More)
Creating Spaces and Finding Voices
Creating Spaces and Finding Voices (July 1990)
Teachers Collaborating for Empowerment
Janet L. Miller - Author

"This is an engaging, compelling, account of something that is much discussed though rarely tried, namely, teachers as researchers and teachers collaborating on a project of empowerment. Beautifully written and fully documented." -- William Ayers, University of Illinois at Chicago

This book follows the shared journey of five classroom teachers and a university professor as they together examine the possibilities and dilemmas of collaborative ...(Read More)
The Professors of Teaching
The Professors of Teaching (April 1989)
An Inquiry
Richard Wisniewski - Editor
Edward R. Ducharme - Editor

"This is a book which will give no comfort--either to the enemies of the education professoriate (whose bad-tempered criticisms are not supported by hard evidence), or to its members (who may have only a little time to set their rambling house in order)." -- Harry Judge from the Introduction

In The Professors of Teaching nine scholars pool their insights and their divergent experiences within the profession to discuss and elucid...(Read More)
Profiles of Preservice Teacher Education
Profiles of Preservice Teacher Education (March 1989)
Inquiry into the Nature of Programs
Kenneth R. Howey - Editor
Nancy L. Zimpher - Editor

The authors allow students and faculty to speak in their own voices to tell the story of how teachers are prepared for their important roles as educators of the nation's children. This book provides in-depth, personal descriptions of how elementary teachers are prepared in six diverse schools and colleges of education, ranging from the program in a small liberal arts college to those embedded in major research-oriented universities. The richly wov...(Read More)
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