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Collaborative Reform and Other Improbable Dreams
Collaborative Reform and Other Improbable Dreams (February 2000)
The Challenges of Professional Development Schools
Marilyn Johnston-Parsons - Editor
Patti Brosnan - Editor
Don Cramer - Editor
Tim Dove - Editor

Examines Professional Development Schools, or "teaching schools," and the myriad complex issues, from policy to personnel, that surround their operation.

This book discusses a ten-year process of teacher education reform at a major public research university (The Ohio State University) and the challenges that ensued. The thirteen Professional Development Schools (PDSs) described are diverse, yet they share a focus on school/university ...(Read More)
Participatory Action Research
Participatory Action Research (November 1997)
International Contexts and Consequences
Robin McTaggart - Editor

Presents an engaging introduction to the international conversation about enhancing social and educational practice using participatory action research.

“This rich and diverse collection of essays adds to our understanding of the potential of action research through its strong international perspective on this important topic.” — Dwight L. Rogers, School of Education, University of North Carolina —Cha...(Read More)
Redesigning Teacher Education
Redesigning Teacher Education (October 1997)
Alan R. Tom - Author

Explores the shortcomings of teacher education and proposes design principles for rethinking teacher preparation. Establishes a reform agenda for teacher education faculties.

Alan Tom is among the best at relating important issues in teacher education and a critical reading of the literature with his own professional experience. This book is ambitious. It lives up to the claim of examining political and institutional pro...(Read More)
Recreating Relationships
Recreating Relationships (February 1997)
Collaboration and Educational Reform
Helen Christiansen - Editor
Linda Goulet - Editor
Caroline Krentz - Editor
Mhairi Maeers - Editor

Focuses on two major themes: the imporvement of teaching practice through collaborative research, and reflection on the process of collaboration itself to understand its role in educational change.

The efforts of collaborative inquiry and community building in education are described by exploring a multitude of collaborative experiences in educational settings. The authors reflect upon many types of collaborative experi...(Read More)
Empowering Ourselves and Transforming Schools
Empowering Ourselves and Transforming Schools (September 1996)
Educators Making a Difference
Judith W. Irwin - Author

Examines the forces that keep educators and students from feeling fully empowered. Contains self-help and planning activities for teachers and administrators interested in transforming schools.

"This book is a practical guide to empowering oneself and others. It will help readers to make significant changes in their educational settings. In an age of shared decision-making and site-based management, there is confusion about power and l...(Read More)
Developing Multicultural Teacher Education Curricula
Developing Multicultural Teacher Education Curricula (August 1995)
Christine E. Sleeter - Editor
Joseph M. Larkin - Editor

This book explores how to make teacher preparation more multicultural.

Very little attention has been given to the preparation of teachers to work in multicultural education. This book meets an important need, focusing on the teacher education curriculum, discussing how to make that curriculum multicultural.

The book begins by discussing issues involved in preparing a predominantly Whi...(Read More)
Composing Teacher-Research
Composing Teacher-Research (March 1995)
A Prosaic History
Cathy Fleischer - Author

This story of a teacher's growth as a researcher in the classroom reflects the larger issues of the debate about this kind of research during the last decade.

"This is a wonderful book, in part because it is very readable, accessible to multiple audiences without sacrificing theoretical/ideological integrity, and draws on an impressive list of interdisiplinary resources. It is 'theory as autobiography,' and an exciting ...(Read More)
Learning from Experience
Learning from Experience (February 1995)
Memory and the Teacher's Account of Teaching
Miriam Ben-Peretz - Author

This book is about the development of teachers'professional knowledge.
"I was intrigued by the author's bringing important research outside of education (memory research and script theory) to bear on the experience of teachers, which I think is important to the field of education." -- Mary E. Diez, Alverno College
This book explores several aspects of learning from experience as reported by retired teachers: the nature of teachers'...(Read More)
Teachers' Everyday Use of Imagination and Intuition
Teachers' Everyday Use of Imagination and Intuition (September 1994)
In Pursuit of the Elusive Image
Virginia M. Jagla - Author

This book offers a provocative look at the significant roles that imagination and intuition play in the daily operation of teachers' classrooms. The author explores the idea of creativity in education as it relates to being spontaneous, open, confident, experienced, and familiar. Readers are invited to envision how the classroom comes alive by pondering the themes of "Interaction," "Connections and Context," "Storytelling" and "Emotion--Excitement, ...(Read More)
Changing American Education
Changing American Education (April 1994)
Recapturing the Past or Inventing the Future?
Kathryn M. Borman - Editor
Nancy P. Greenman - Editor

School change and educational reform are discussed constantly by the media. Despite a decade of frenzied interest, there is little consensus on the most fundamental issues. The terminology of school reform remains unclear, obscured by ideological rhetoric. What is meant by terms such as “school restructuring,” “site-based management,” and “teacher education reform?” This book examines social changes affecting education...(Read More)
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