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Constructing Female Identities
Constructing Female Identities (April 1998)
Meaning Making in an Upper Middle Class Youth Culture
Amira Proweller - Author

An insightful, and often surprising, look at adolescent girls' socialization in a historically elite, private, single-sex high school.

"Constructing Female Identities: Meaning Making in an Upper Middle Class Youth Culture is an extraordinary piece of work. Not only does Amira Proweller push our theoretical understanding of identity production in schools, but she adds greatly to our knowledge of what actually happe...(Read More)
Beyond Black and White
Beyond Black and White (March 1997)
New Faces and Voices in U.S. Schools
Maxine S. Seller - Editor
Lois Weis - Editor

Dedicated to a better understanding of the diversity of children being taught in American public schools, this book includes the experiences of groups (e.g. Haitians, Dominicans, Indians, and Vietnamese) not often represented even in the multicultural education literature. It also includes the experiences of often marginalized groups such as lesbians and gays, Appalachians, and white working class males.

Most contempora...(Read More)
Making and Molding Identity in Schools
Making and Molding Identity in Schools (September 1996)
Student Narratives on Race, Gender, and Academic Engagement
Ann Locke Davidson - Author

Delves into the lives and words of adolescents to examine how they assert their ethnic and racial identities within school settings.

Making and Molding Identity in Schools delves into the lives of adolescents to examine how youths assert ethnic and racial identities in the face of policies, discourses, and practices that work both to reproduce and challenge social categories. Detailed case studies illuminate adol...(Read More)
The Cultural Production of the Educated Person
The Cultural Production of the Educated Person (March 1996)
Critical Ethnographies of Schooling and Local Practice
Bradley A. Levinson - Editor
Douglas E. Foley - Editor
Dorothy C. Holland - Editor
Lois Weis - Foreword by

Examines the ways in which cultural practices and knowledges are produced in and out of schools around the world.

"Those of us who do critical ethnographic research must be willing to move across national and international borders to probe further the meaning of our conceptions of schooling as related to the economy, society, and culture. Levinson, Foley, and Holland are the first to my knowledge to put together a volum...(Read More)
Becoming Women/Becoming Workers
Becoming Women/Becoming Workers (September 1994)
Identity Formation in a French Vocational School
Catherine Raissiguier - Author

This book traces the experiences of young French and Algerian women students in a Parisian vocational school--how they negotiate their class, gender, and ethnic/racial identities in relation to school, family, romance, and future work in a changing and unpromising economy. Drawn from classroom observations and personal interviews, the book provides a theoretical framework for analyzing the complex network of cultural and historical discourses, limi...(Read More)
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