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Curriculum Politics, Policy, Practice
Curriculum Politics, Policy, Practice (June 2000)
Cases in Comparative Context
Catherine Cornbleth - Editor

Studies the intersections of curriculum politics and policy-making throughout the world.

Offering a range of studies on the intersections of curriculum politics, policy, and/or practice, this book addresses the following questions: Who decides what is taught in K-12 schools? On what basis? What actually happens in classroom practice? What do students have opportunities to learn? Who benefits from these decisions and practices? It incl...(Read More)
Performing Pedagogy
Performing Pedagogy (September 1999)
Toward an Art of Politics
Charles R. Garoian - Author

Performing Pedagogy examines the theory and practice of performance art as an art of politics. It discusses the different ways in which performance artists use memory and cultural history to critique dominant cultural assumptions, to construct identity, and to attain political agency. In doing so, Garoian argues, performance artists like Rachel Rosenthal, Guillermo Gomez-Pena, Robbie McCauley, Suzanne Lacy, and the performance art collective ...(Read More)
Curriculum, Culture, and Art Education
Curriculum, Culture, and Art Education (April 1998)
Comparative Perspectives
Kerry Freedman - Editor
Fernando Hernandez - Editor

An international compilation of critical historical case studies of art education that illuminates how cultural knowledge is transmitted through curriculum.
"Curriculum theory and practice are central to the field of art education. Historical and critical inquiry are much needed, especially now, as we enter the next century. This book deals with unique glimpses of diverse international cultures through their aesthetics, education, politic...(Read More)
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