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The Great Transformation in Higher Education, 1960-1980
The Great Transformation in Higher Education, 1960-1980 (February 1991)
Clark Kerr - Author

"This is a first-rate source of historical information from one who was personally involved in most of the issues. Clark Kerr pulls together the many currents that were running through the community of higher education in these post-war years to clarify the relevance and importance of these institutions to the ongoing of American society. He shows the enormous value to this country and to the free world of the great American universities, and he u...(Read More)
The Racial Crisis in American Higher Education
The Racial Crisis in American Higher Education (January 1991)
Philip G. Altbach - Editor
Kofi Lomotey - Editor

"Too often students and other members of academia and society at-large view race related issues as something of the past. This book provides support for continued research on race-related issues and the need to direct public policy toward efforts that will end institutional acts of racism." --Bruce Anthony Jones, Graduate School of Education, University of Pittsburgh

Across the country our universities and colleges continue to be beset by i...(Read More)
Curriculum Differentiation
Curriculum Differentiation (December 1990)
Interpretive Studies in U. S. Secondary Schools
Reba Page - Editor
Linda Valli - Editor

Sharing methods and orientations of the interpretive paradigm, the contributors to this book sharpen our understanding of the school's differentiating function. They analyze issues and clarify persistent contradictions in traditional studies of curriculum differentiation and tracking by examining schools and classrooms and describing the processes and contexts in which curriculum differentiation produces both its intended and unintended effects....(Read More)
Going to School
Going to School (September 1990)
The African-American Experience
Kofi Lomotey - Editor

In this ground-breaking book, noted scholars/educators respond to the persistent, pervasive and disproportionate underachievement of African-American students in public schools. In the process, they illustrate various aspects of the dilemma with a wide range of views and address the complexity of the topic by including a consideration of the factors that impact upon the academic achievement of African-American students. Lomotey considers the impl...(Read More)
The Economics of American Universities
The Economics of American Universities (June 1990)
Management, Operations, and Fiscal Environment
Stephen A. Hoenack - Editor
Eileen L. Collins - Editor

This book discusses the adjustment of universities to the changing financial environment. Its authors analyze the relationship between higher education inputs and outputs, assess the available information about the determinants of university costs, survey the influence of market conditions and pricing strategies on students' demands for attendance at institutions of higher education, summarize research on the objectives for institutions of higher e...(Read More)
Religious Fundamentalism and American Education
Religious Fundamentalism and American Education (April 1990)
The Battle for the Public Schools
Eugene F. Provenzo Jr. - Author

For the past twenty-five years, 'ultra-fundamentalist' Christians have put increasing pressure on American public education to conform exclusively with their own philosophy and vision of education and culture. Eugene Provenzo considers and addresses the impact that the fundamentalist movement has had on such issues as censorship, textbook content, Creationism versus Evolution, the family and education, school prayer, and the state regulation of Chr...(Read More)
The High Status Track
The High Status Track (April 1990)
Studies of Elite Schools and Stratification
Paul W. Kingston - Editor
Lionel S. Lewis - Editor

"Elite preparatory schools and elite colleges have been neglected in the sociological literature. The research contained in this book suggests that recruitment to elite positions operates differently from recruitment to middle-class positions. This is highly significant." -- C. Hurn, University of Massachusetts

The essays in this groundbreaking volume significantly advance our understanding of the process by which an elite school education ...(Read More)
The Higher Learning and High Technology
The Higher Learning and High Technology (March 1990)
Dynamics of Higher Education Policy Formation
Sheila Slaughter - Author

In this critical new work, Slaughter investigates how university involvement in high technology influences higher education policy. By conducting a case study of the Business-Higher Education Forum, a liaison organization consisting of Fortune 500 Chief Executive Officers and presidents of well-known research universities, the author explores the policy agenda of the Forum, the historical and structural antecedents of that agenda, and its organizat...(Read More)
Dropouts From Schools
Dropouts From Schools (November 1989)
Issues, Dilemmas, and Solutions
Lois Weis - Editor
Eleanor Farrar - Editor
Hugh G. Petrie - Editor

"An excellent and comprehensive discussion of the dropout problem. It raises issues in an insightful manner." -- Carl A. Grant, University of Wisconsin-Madison

The authors examine the major groups within the dropout population, the myriad of factors within schools that lead to dropping out, and the larger social and economic context within which dropping out occurs. The resulting synthesis of knowledge and perspectives provided here will en...(Read More)
The Character of American Higher Education and Intercollegiate Sport
The Character of American Higher Education and Intercollegiate Sport (November 1989)
Donald Chu - Author

"This book focuses on a vitally important topic -- the educational integrity of intercollegiate athletics. Chu not only relates intercollegiate athletics to the historical development of higher education, but emphasizes the political forces that both motivated and, in a sense, spoiled this institution. The book is not written as dry report; rather, more as commentary from a factual basis." -- Philip Smith

Intercollegiate sport is too...(Read More)
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