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Troubled Times for American Higher Education
Troubled Times for American Higher Education (December 1993)
The 1990s and Beyond
Clark Kerr - Author

Kerr, one of the nation's foremost educators and commentators on the educational scene, examines emerging problems that he predicts will influence the near future of higher education. These include the quality of undergraduate education; ethics, both as a subject and as practiced by the professoriate; the racial crisis, including the dilemma of how to provide access to underserved minority groups; and competition for recognition and resources among...(Read More)
The Cold War and Academic Governance
The Cold War and Academic Governance (August 1993)
The Lattimore Case at Johns Hopkins
Lionel S. Lewis - Author

"This account of the Lattimore case is the first detailed treatment of successful resistance from the academy to a McCarthy-era assault. Lattimore's is arguably the most notorious of all these cases, in terms of the importance of the target and of the political passions aroused." -- Jordan E. Kurland, American Association of University Professors

This book examines the harassment of the Johns Hopkins University sinologist Owen...(Read More)
Beyond Silenced Voices
Beyond Silenced Voices (January 1993)
Class, Race, and Gender in United States Schools
Lois Weis - Editor
Michelle Fine - Editor

This book addresses race, class, and gender in education in the United States. It debates the issues of institutionalized power and privilege, and the policies, discourses, and practices that silence powerless groups.

At the center of the silence are the most critical and powerful voices of all -- children and adolescents with their relentless desire to be heard and to survive. Weis and Fine go beyond examining policies, discourse, and pract...(Read More)
Teacher Education Policy
Teacher Education Policy (August 1992)
Narratives, Stories, and Cases
Hendrik D. Gideonse - Editor

This collection of narratives, stories, and case studies brings to life examples of policy processes that affect teacher educators' work, goals, and accomplishments, including certification, testing, allocation of policy responsibilities, standards, and resources.

Gideonse, a veteran participant in teacher education policy struggles in many different arenas, has provided an invaluable service by pulling together representative contributions t...(Read More)
Creating Community on College Campuses
Creating Community on College Campuses (July 1992)
Irving J. Spitzberg Jr. - Author
Virginia V. Thorndike - Author

"Building a vital community is a challenge not just for higher learning, but for society at large. In our hard-edged competitive world, more humane, more integrative purposes must be defined. Spitzberg and Thorndike have set forth a thorough and thoughtful report that is sure to enrich the debate over how to make colleges and universities more intellectually and socially vital communities of learning." -- from the foreword by Ernest L. Boyer, Carn...(Read More)
Emergent Issues in Education
Emergent Issues in Education (July 1992)
Comparative Perspectives
Robert F. Arnove - Editor
Philip G. Altbach - Editor
Gail P. Kelly - Editor

In Emergent Issues in Education, leading scholars in comparative education and in the politics, sociology, anthropology, and economics of education illuminate worldwide trends in critical issues that confront policymakers and practitioners in different national settings.

Among the topics raised and analyzed are the organization, governance, and financing of education; the content of curriculum, texts, and tests; and t...(Read More)
Black Resistance in High School
Black Resistance in High School (March 1992)
Forging a Separatist Culture
R. Patrick Solomon - Author

This book investigates and brings into focus the formidable issues of racial culture left undeveloped in research on multiracial school populations in the United States, Britain, and Canada. Through ethnographic research, the author presents significant and provocative insight into the formation of black self-concept, and captures the complex interplay between black students' accommodation to the official achievement ideology and their resistance t...(Read More)
Textbooks in American Society
Textbooks in American Society (October 1991)
Politics, Policy, and Pedagogy
Philip G. Altbach - Editor
Gail P. Kelly - Editor
Hugh G. Petrie - Editor
Lois Weis - Editor

"This book is particularly important in light of the recent reform movement in education. It is clear that textbooks and policies affecting their creation and distribution will be undergoing major scrutiny in the ture."--Eugene F. Provenzo, Jr., University of Miami

In recent years, textbooks have been widely criticized for low standards, lack of imaginativeness, and insensitivity to racial and gender issues. Increasingly, they are cited as ...(Read More)
Critical Perspectives on Early Childhood Education
Critical Perspectives on Early Childhood Education (September 1991)
Lois Weis - Editor
Philip G. Altbach - Editor
Gail P. Kelly - Editor
Hugh G. Petrie - Editor

This book explores key policy issues related to early childhood education. Through the contributions of various professionals in the field, the editors provide a vision, practical and possible, of early childhood education in the 1990s. Part I delves into the complex world, both personal and professional, of the classroom teacher. The essays in Part II look at issues of the school community, including the roles of class, race, gender, and exceptiona...(Read More)
College in Black and White
College in Black and White (July 1991)
African American Students in Predominantly White and in Historically Black Public Universities
Walter R. Allen - Editor
Edgar G. Epps - Editor
Nesha Z. Haniff - Editor

"The National Study of Black College Students (NSBCS) is the most comprehensive data base on Black college students that has been collected. This book presents in one volume several major studies using this rich data base and ties them together with a theoretical and methodological overview. Its strength lies in its comprehensiveness, its impressive richness of data, and its keen insights into the differences between Black students' experiences and ...(Read More)
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