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Faculty Work in Schools of Education
Faculty Work in Schools of Education (December 2000)
Rethinking Roles and Rewards for the Twenty-first Century
William G. Tierney - Editor

A full-bodied, robust discussion of issues of concern to faculty in schools of education.

Schools of education are undergoing dramatic changes in what they are expected to do and what kinds of work faculty should do and how they should be rewarded. This book discusses changes that are currently taking place and considers what reforms are necessary, offering provocative analyses about issues such as tenure, the role of no...(Read More)
Transnational Competence
Transnational Competence (August 2000)
Rethinking the U.S.-Japan Educational Relationship
John N. Hawkins - Editor
William K. Cummings - Editor

Offers the definitive study of United States-Japan educational exchange relationship.

Born out of a bilateral project between distinguished scholars in Japan and the United States, Transnational Competence provides a definitive and comprehensive study of the status of relations between these two countries in an educational context. The book covers a wide-ranging array of themes, from an analysis of the tradition...(Read More)
Educational Knowledge
Educational Knowledge (January 2000)
Changing Relationships between the State, Civil Society, and the Educational Community
Thomas S. Popkewitz - Editor

An examination of educational reform and change throughout the world, focusing on how issues of power and governance within states affect school practice and policy-making.

Focusing on comparative examination of educational reforms, this book explores the relation of state practices and educational knowledge to changes in culture and economics among nations. Countries with different state traditions and political regimes are studied to...(Read More)
Community Colleges as Cultural Texts
Community Colleges as Cultural Texts (September 1999)
Qualitative Explorations of Organizational and Student Culture
Kathleen M. Shaw - Editor
James R. Valadez - Editor
Robert A. Rhoads - Editor

Questions whether, and how, community colleges confront the challenges of diversity and provide real opportunities for upward mobility.

Community colleges are positioned to play a critical role in the process of upward mobility in American society. Yet despite the "open door" accessibility of these institutions, the question remains as to whether or not community colleges enhance the social mobility of working class and...(Read More)
Grass Roots and Glass Ceilings
Grass Roots and Glass Ceilings (April 1999)
African American Administrators in Predominantly White Colleges and Universities
William B. Harvey - Editor

African American university and college presidents, vice presidents, and deans offer firsthand reflections on their encounters with racism in higher education and the strategies they use to overcome obstacles they face.

Grass Roots and Glass Ceilings offers observations and reflections on the experiences of African American leaders in predominantly white institutions of higher education. These current and past presidents, vice p...(Read More)
The Academic Kitchen
The Academic Kitchen (January 1999)
A Social History of Gender Stratification at the University of California, Berkeley
Maresi Nerad - Author

Presents a social history of gender stratification at the University of California at Berkeley through a combination of organizational theory and biography.

"The book brings women into the story of American higher education, especially the research university. But what is special about this feat is that it also provides a new model for institutional history--it corrects or avoids all the predictable mistakes and misplace...(Read More)
Capitalizing Knowledge
Capitalizing Knowledge (October 1998)
New Intersections of Industry and Academia
Henry Etzkowitz - Editor
Andrew Webster - Editor
Peter Healey - Editor

Examines current trends toward increasing links between industry and academia and the resulting commercialization of universities as they seek to capitalize their research.

"Capitalizing Knowledge deals with an important topic that is under much discussion at present. It has an international focus on the topic, which is quite unusual in the available literature. The material in the book is original and filled with...(Read More)
Education/Technology/Power (July 1998)
Educational Computing as a Social Practice
Michael W. Apple - Editor
Hank Bromley - Editor

With a focus on educational computing, this book examines how technological practices align with or subvert existing forms of dominance. Examines the important question: Is the enormous financial investment school districts are making in computing technology a good idea?

"This book provides a powerful set of metaphors and linkages for thinking about technology in relation to education. It urges us to move beyond questions of instructio...(Read More)
The Curriculum
The Curriculum (April 1998)
Problems, Politics, and Possibilities (Second Edition)
Landon E. Beyer - Editor
Michael W. Apple - Editor

This new edition of the classic text extends the scope of critically-oriented work in curriculum studies.

"This is an excellent, carefully edited, well-produced curriculum reader that deserves to do very well indeed, if only because it embodies so much that James B. Macdonald taught about the study of the curriculum; namely that it is a human endeavor, not a scientific pursuit." -- Comparative Education Revi...(Read More)
Managed Professionals
Managed Professionals (April 1998)
Unionized Faculty and Restructuring Academic Labor
Gary Rhoades - Author

"This book delineates the tensions between faculty and academic management more fully and deeply than any other study of which I am aware. It is particularly acute in depicting faculty stratification, the erosion of professional autonomy and the limits of collective bargaining. What I most appreciate in this book is its exploration of the tension inherent in the status of faculty as 'managed professionals'--I do not know of another book that ex...(Read More)
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