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Lesbian Philosophies and Cultures
Lesbian Philosophies and Cultures (July 1990)
Jeffner Allen - Editor

The lesbians who have contributed to this book are theorists and activists who write as members of diverse lesbian cultures. Each lesbian has her ways of knowing, her voices, approaches, methodologies, languages. Each lesbian reflects, directly and indirectly, her relations to her own and to other ethnicities, races, social classes, physical abilities, ages, and nationalities. Each lesbian has distinctive perspectives on lesbian existence, friend...(Read More)
The Flight to Objectivity
The Flight to Objectivity (July 1987)
Essays on Cartesianism and Culture
Susan R. Bordo - Author

The Flight to Objectivity offers a new reading of Descartes' Meditations informed by cultural history, psychoanalytic and cognitive psychology, and feminist thought. It focuses not on Descartes' arguments as "timeless," culturally disembodied events, but on the psychological drama and imagery of the Meditations explored in the context of the historical instability of the seventeenth century and deep historical changes in the st...(Read More)
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