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The Power of Reinforcement
The Power of Reinforcement (January 2004)
Stephen Ray Flora - Author

Choice Outstanding Academic Title

Makes the controversial argument that reinforcement is a real and valuable force in human behavior.

According to Stephen Ray Flora, reinforcement is a very powerful tool for improving the human condition despite often being dismissed as regarding people as less than human and as "overly simplistic." This book addresses and defends the use ...(Read More)
Psychology and the Question of Agency
Psychology and the Question of Agency (May 2003)
Jack Martin - Author
Jeff Sugarman - Author
Janice Thompson - Author

Looks at the limits of free will in human action.

Disciplinary psychology has failed to achieve a coherent conception of human agency. Instead, it oscillates between two differing conceptions of agency that are equally untenable: a scientistic, reductive approach to choice and action, and an instrumental approach that celebrates a romantic notion of free will. This book examines theoretical, philosophical psychology and ...(Read More)
About Psychology
About Psychology (March 2003)
Essays at the Crossroads of History, Theory, and Philosophy
Darryl B. Hill - Editor
Michael J. Kral - Editor

A critical and historical overview of psychology.

Demonstrating how psychologists use theory, philosophy, and history to illuminate the subjects they study, this book explores both the obstacles and benefits of integrating these perspectives into contemporary Western psychology. It offers a timely survey of current ideas at the crossroads of these disciplines and represents new ideas about how psychology can respond to c...(Read More)
Becoming Good Parents
Becoming Good Parents (August 2002)
An Existential Journey
Mufid James Hannush - Author

Argues that our struggle to become good parents can help us to become good persons.

Becoming Good Parents
goes beyond a psychological understanding of parenting to include a deeper explication of the philosophical (moral) and existential (spiritual) dimensions of parenting. It counters the contemporary notion that parents can be satisfied with simply being "good enough" in their parenting practices, which en...(Read More)
The Last Resistance
The Last Resistance (August 2002)
The Concept of Science as a Defense against Psychoanalysis
Marcus Bowman - Author

A fundamentally new examination of the controversies raging around psychoanalysis.

Radical and uncompromising, The Last Resistance is a penetrating rediscovery of the essential nature of psychoanalysis. Looking behind the masks of reason adopted by Freud’s chief critics, Bowman shows how those who claim most insistently to speak for science and who claim to know what science should be, are actually the most dogmat...(Read More)
A Postmodern Psychology of Asian Americans
A Postmodern Psychology of Asian Americans (February 2002)
Creating Knowledge of a Racial Minority
Laura Uba - Author

Challenges existing paradigms of knowledge as they relate to Asian Americans.

Focusing on race, culture, acculturation, ethnicity, and ethnic identity—concepts commonly used to account for the behaviors of Asian Americans and other minorities—A Postmodern Psychology of Asian Americans examines the effects of modern psychology’s epistemological and ontological premises on its investigative methods a...(Read More)
Dark Light
Dark Light (November 2000)
The Appearance of Death in Everyday Life
Ronald Schenk - Author

Reveals the effects of the cultural unconscious or "world soul" in human experience.

Dark Light is about seeing the world through imagination and stimulating our imagination about the world. It provides an imaginative account of how our daily lives are lived through us by larger forms and forces. The book reveals how these forms and forces play out in such ordinary experiences as ball games, television, relation...(Read More)
Between Conviction and Uncertainty
Between Conviction and Uncertainty (July 2000)
Philosophical Guidelines for the Practicing Psychotherapist
Jerry N. Downing - Author

Explores the philosophical context within which psychotherapy functions.

At a time when scores of seemingly incompatible theories and methods are competing for ascendancy in psychotherapy, one could argue that the crucial intellectual and moral dilemmas of this field are largely philosophical in nature. Yet most psychotherapists are never formally exposed to philosophical thinking during their training years or subseque...(Read More)
The Subject of Lacan
The Subject of Lacan (June 2000)
A Lacanian Reader for Psychologists
Kareen Ror Malone - Editor
Stephen R. Friedlander - Editor

An accessible introduction to the psychoanalytic theories of Jacques Lacan, intended especially for American psychologists but useful to anyone interested in the work of this important thinker.

Written with the American psychological community in mind, The Subject of Lacan provides an accessible introduction to the psychoanalytic theories of Jacques Lacan. The contributors address issues and theories that define the field of psy...(Read More)
The Psychology of Human Possibility and Constraint
The Psychology of Human Possibility and Constraint (April 1999)
Jack Martin - Author
Jeff Sugarman - Author

Resolves the fundamental debate between cognitivists and social constructionists concerning the metaphysics of human psychology, and offers new insights into therapy, education, and creativity.
"This book provides a strong, coherent philosophy of science for psychology that builds upon and is consistent with the American pragmatic, functional tradition and the continental phenomenological, hermeneutic tradition. It provides a 'middle way'...(Read More)
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