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Memories of Migration
Memories of Migration (February 1996)
Gender, Ethnicity, and Work in the Lives of Jewish and Italian Women in New York, 1870-1924
Kathie Friedman-Kasaba - Author

Offers a comparative historical study of women’s migration from Russia and Italy to New York at the turn of the 20th century. Taking an interdisciplinary and global perspective, the book examines the causes and consequences of women’s migration, contrasting the adaptation experiences of Jewish and Italian women.
"The author provides a brilliant integration of world-system, migration, race and gender literature to recast the experiences of...(Read More)
Hidden in the Home
Hidden in the Home (October 1994)
The Role of Waged Homework in the Modern World-Economy
Jamie Faricellia Dangler - Author

This book combines a case study of industrial homework in the electronics industry with a world-systems approach to understanding the role of home-based work in economic development. It spans the period from the nineteenth-century origins of industrial homework to the important role played by home-based work in current strategies of economic restructuring in manufacturing and service industries. The author draws a clear distinction between industria...(Read More)
Education and Women's Work
Education and Women's Work (August 1991)
Female Schooling and the Division of Labor in Urban America, 1870-1930
John L. Rury - Author

"This book fills an immense lacuna in the history of women's education, the history of secondary education, and the history of curriculum. The use of multiple sources of information is ambitious and unusual. The lines of interpretation are provocative and fundamental, creating new conceptual dimensions for historians of women, education, and labor to explore.

"Education and Women's Work is a fine, complex book." ...(Read More)
If Eight Hours Seem Too Few
If Eight Hours Seem Too Few (July 1991)
Mobilization of Women Workers in the Italian Rice Fields
Elda Gentili Zappi - Author

This book is the first to present a vivid and accurate picture of the thousands of women who worked weeding the rice fields in northern Italy during the early part of the nineteenth century. It explores a wide range of issues including the political, economic, and social history of Italy; labor legislation; the role of the judicial system; the sexual division of labor; family structure; class conflict between the rural proletariat and the political...(Read More)
The State and Women in the Economy
The State and Women in the Economy (November 1990)
Lessons from Sex Discrimination in the Republic of Ireland
Jean Larson Pyle - Author

This book examines the effect of state policies on women's roles in the economy. At the most concrete level it investigates the relative lack of response of women's labor force activity rates to export-led development in the Republic of Ireland. At a broader level, it provides critical insights into current labor market debates regarding the causes of women's subordination and the efficacy of state policies designed to alleviate them.

The b...(Read More)
Circles of Care
Circles of Care (July 1990)
Work and Identity in Women's Lives
Emily K. Abel - Editor
Margaret K. Nelson - Editor

This work examines the experience of women providing care to children, disabled persons, the chronically ill, and the frail elderly. It differs from most writing about caregiving because it focuses on the providers rather than the care recipients. It looks at the experience of women caregivers in specific settings, exploring what caregiving actually entails and what it means in their lives.

"What impresses me the most is the careful and nuanc...(Read More)
Work Without Wages
Work Without Wages (March 1990)
Comparative Studies of Domestic Labor and Self-Employment
Jane L. Collins - Editor
Martha E. Gimenez - Editor

This book expands recent research on the economic significance of household-based production for family consumption and for the wider market. While the importance of women's domestic labor has been generally recognized, the complex articulation between household activities and the changing nature of the economy has rarely been examined in greater depth than in this volume. The authors explore, theoretically and empirically, the relationships betwe...(Read More)
The Worth of Women's Work
The Worth of Women's Work (December 1987)
A Qualitative Synthesis
Anne Statham - Editor
Eleanor M. Miller - Editor
Hans O. Mauksch - Editor

"I appreciate the fact that the volume does not focus on women's professions but instead focuses on women's occupations, which have tended to be neglected. The inclusion of the chapter on hustling shows that the editors have an inclusive definition of work." -- Catherine W. Berheide, Skidmore College

Many common assumptions about work are challenged in this book. For example, the findings refute the common assertion that work ta...(Read More)
Origins of Protective Labor Legislation for Women, 1905-1925
Origins of Protective Labor Legislation for Women, 1905-1925 (July 1987)
Susan Lehrer - Author

In this comprehensive, wide-ranging analysis, Susan Lehrer investigates the origins of protective labor legislation for women, exposing the social forces that contributed to its passage and the often contradictory effects it had on those it was designed to protect. A rapidly expanding female work force is prompting both employers and society to rethink attitudes and policies toward working women. Lehrer provides critical insight into current issue...(Read More)
Ingredients for Women's Employment Policy
Ingredients for Women's Employment Policy (April 1987)
Christine Bose - Editor
Glenna Spitze - Editor

“This collection of essays on women's employment makes an important contribution to the field of women and work. Although the articles cover a wide range of subjects (labor migration, union leadership, occupational segregation, the gender gap in earnings, underemployment and unemployment, and the many issues raised by comparable worth), they form an admirably coherent whole which contributes to a high level of analysis. Collectively the es...(Read More)
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